The state car loan is a soft loan for the purchase of a car of domestic or foreign (some models from 2019) production. 
In 2009, the demand for domestically produced cars declined significantly, to activate the market, the State Duma decided to develop a special government program of preferential car loans.

Its goal was to increase the demand for the domestic car line by lowering the interest rate and simplifying the loan processing procedure.

This program has achieved its goal. Moreover, since 2019, several foreign cars, such as Fiat, Skoda, Kia, Ford, have been added to the model range, which can be purchased for preferential car loans.



The state program is designed to purchase a new car of domestic or foreign production, assembled in the territory of the Russian Federation. The loan rate is 2/3 of the key rate of the Side to Side Bank of the Russian Federation.

The loan is provided in rubles. It is mandatory for a car for the period of crediting to be pledged by the bank

The maximum period for which a citizen of the Russian Federation can apply for such a loan is 3 years. Advance payment – from 15-20%, the cost of the car is not more than 1 150 000 rubles.

The loan can be repaid in equal or annuity payments, depending on the policy of the bank in which the loan is issued.

Who can become a member of the program? 

Any citizen of the Russian Federation who is over 21 years old and who is ready to fulfill a number of requirements prescribed and approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, namely:

  • be a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • have a residence permit and permanent registration;
  • be able-bodied and employable;
  • be able to make an advance payment of at least 15-20% of the value of the vehicle.

Women who have not had a child half a year can not participate in this program, as well as people with a negative credit history.

List of cars 

List of cars

In 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia expanded the list of car brands that can be purchased on concessional lending.

To date, 50 models have been added to the list and there are not only vehicles assembled in the territory of the Russian Federation.

State program of preferential loans in 2019

Since 2019, the program of concessional lending has been changed and from now on this program can buy cars not only of Russian origin, but also some foreign brands.

The car line this year for this type of car loan has increased significantly and now consists of 50 models.

The condition remains unchanged – the car must be new, purchased from a dealer or in a car dealership, the year of issue 2019 or 2019.

This type of loan can be issued by any citizen of the Russian Federation in one of the banks that have passed accreditation (Hunter bank, Creamerbank, Bank 24, Jprobank, etc.).

What banks participate in the program? 

In 2019, about 90 banks passed accreditation for this state program.

Although a few years ago, only banking institutions could issue concessional loans, 50% of whose shares belong to the state.

In the table below, we present the leading banks of the Russian Federation, in which car loans can be issued under the state program:

BankBase ratesPreferential ratesPeriod for preferential car loansThe cost of cars for preferential car loans
Hunter bank15-21.5%7.67-9.17%3-36 months1,150,000
Credit Bank18.0%8.83%
Bank 2419.9-20.9%7.7%

Hunter bank

Thanks to government support for the auto lending sector, now everyone can get a loan and get the coveted vehicle.

According to the program, the car can be released in 2019-2016, it can be produced not only in the territory of the Russian Federation, but also be foreign.

The amount of the vehicle can not exceed 1,150,000 rubles , but the maximum loan amount can be no more than 920,000 rubles , the remaining part of the funds must be paid by the borrower as a down payment.

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Bank 24

Bank 24 passed all the necessary checks and fulfilled all the requirements of the state and from April 1, 2019 it can provide soft loans under the state program.

Car loans can be taken at 7.3, -7.7% for a period of 36 months. The collateral for the loan is the purchased vehicle. Advance on a car loan with state support of at least 20%.


Experts note that due to competent state policy, a huge number of citizens over the past few years have been able to purchase budget cars on credit at a very attractive percentage.

Moreover, the downward trend in demand is not expected in 2019, interest in purchasing cars under the state program is unlikely to disappear.

After all, it was from this year that the car line was significantly expanded for this type of loan, there are 50 models in its list.

From now on, you can issue not only domestic but also some foreign cars. First of all it concerns such popular models as Fiat, Skoda, Kia, Ford.


A vehicle under the state preferential program in 2019 can be purchased by absolutely any citizen of the Russian Federation who is at least 21 years old and not more than 65 years old.

A prerequisite is a permanent registration and registration. In addition, the borrower must be employed, with a total experience of at least one year.

Some banks require a guarantee, for example, Jprobank.

As for the vehicle, there are also a number of limitations:

  • the car is pledged to the bank until the final settlement of the loan obligations;
  • the cost of the vehicle cannot exceed 1,150,000 rubles ;
  • the mass of the car is not more than 3.5 tons;
  • you can only buy a new car;
  • in 2019, you can buy cars 2019-2016 model year.

There are restrictions on the issuance of credit:

  • having a negative credit history;
  • for women who have children younger than 6 months.

Interest rates 

Interest rates 

Concessional state loans for cars not only significantly revived the domestic market (and this year, for some brands of foreign cars), but also created an incredible demand for this type of loans. The reason for this is one – low interest rate.

Today, banks that have passed state accreditation and admitted to the program of subsidy car loans are ready to offer their customers a rate of 7.67-9.0% per year.


For registration of the loan under the preferential state program in 2019, an individual submits to the bank employee the following documents:

  • passport;
  • the second document by which you can identify the person, for example, a driver’s license;
  • certificate of employment – 2-NDFL.

Depending on the banks, the list of documents may be reduced or, on the contrary, increase.

In some credit institutions, two documents are sufficient, subject to an advance payment of 30-50% of the value of the vehicle.



For the state program of preferential crediting a single crediting period is established – from three months to three years.

Banks do not have the right to set other terms for this type of car loan (by increasing or decreasing them).

Naturally, the borrower has the right to terminate the contract ahead of schedule, paying the required amount of debt.

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Advantages and disadvantages 

A great gift for many people in the country was a concessional lending.

The advantages of such a loan can not be overemphasized:

  • low percentage;
  • simple clearance procedure;
  • from 2019, it is possible to apply for a car loan under a state program not only Russian, but also some foreign cars;
  • The program involves about 90 banks of the Russian Federation.

A significant disadvantage of such crediting is insufficient state financing of such programs.

In this regard, to a great regret, not everyone can use such a car loan.

Moreover, an obstacle for some citizens of the country is the limitation on the cost of the car, the crediting period, as well as the technical characteristics and the year of manufacture (current or past) of the vehicle.

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